What is coaching?

Coaching is one of the key approaches through which leadership within organisations can be developed. Coaching is a method of developing an individual’s capabilities in order to facilitate the achievement of organisational success. This one to one focused and bespoke relationship is often perceived as the single most effective development intervention that a senior leader in the NHS can access.

  • The relationship has a set duration
  • It is structured with regular scheduled meetings
  • Short term (typically between 4-6 sessions of 45-60 minutes)
  • Focussed on a specific development area, issue or goal
  • The coach does not need to have direct experience of the coachees role or be an expert in their area of work.

What happens during a coaching session?

A skilled coach will use a combination of questioning, listening, observation and feedback to create a conversation that is rich in insight and learning. Your coach will listen to you to find out what you think, how you learn and what your current situation is. They will encourage you to overcome obstacles and take action to move you forward and help you to learn new ways of approaching things.

Why access coaching? 

Research shows that there are huge personal benefits to accessing coaching.

A Coach:

  • Can inspire individuals to maximise their personal and professional potential
  • Can help improve personal performance (closing the gap between potential and performance)
  • Can help increase morale, motivation and enthusiasm
  • Can help reduce levels of stress
  • Can improve self- confidence at all levels
  • Can help encourage a more proactive approach to addressing issues and making decisions

Who can access coaching?

We offer an inclusive approach to coaching. It is available to all professions within the NHS and social care, irrespective of pay grade, clinical and non-clinical roles.

NHS Leadership Academy Coaching and Mentoring Register

We’ve established a professional coaching community of experienced practitioners from across the NHS and the private sector. All our coaches are certified with an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 5 certificate in Coaching or equivalent.

Our coaching standards are in line with the guidelines set by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and our coaches adhere to the EMCC Code of Ethics.

To ensure you receive a high quality, professional coaching experience, we provide ongoing development and supervision to our coaches.

To register for coaching on the NHS Leadership Academy Coaching and Mentoring Hub please click here

Once registered, you can search for suitable coaches by selecting your criteria. You will be presented with a number of coach profiles which you can contact for a chemistry meeting to establish best fit. I it important that both you and your coach feel comfortable with each other.

You do not need to continue the relationship past the chemistry meeting if you do not wish to.

To find out more about Coaching or if you have any queries please email [email protected]

How to become a coach? 

To become a coach on the NHS Leadership Academy Coaching and Mentoring Register you must:

  • Be qualified at ILM5 level
  • Undertake Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to enhance knowledge and skills to become a more effective coach
  • Practice in regular supervision
  • Agree to undertake two hours of coaching per month
  • Operate within the ethical guidelines laid in the EMCC Code of Ethics

If you are interested in becoming a coach on the NHS Coaching Hub please click here