Primary Care

Never has there been a more important time for primary care to take a leading role in health and social care reform. With an increasing need to improve population health, working across traditional health and care boundaries, the complexities of a changing landscape with a population with increasingly complex needs and more!

The NHS is constantly evolving and over the coming years, some of the most wide-ranging changes will occur in primary care. Primary care includes the largest number of providers and accounts for the largest proportion of patient contacts with the NHS. To meet the needs of a changing population, adopt important innovations and redesign for greater sustainability, primary care teams across England will need to evolve the way they work. This is a leadership challenge of unprecedented scale and complexity which requires that primary care professionals are inspired, equipped and supported in leadership roles.

NEYLA offers specific programmes for those in primary care settings to encourage support and develop leadership and organisation development in primary care. Primary Care colleagues may also access the wide range of general programmes and events on offer.

NEYLA offer Primary Care – our approach

  • Underpinned by the National Academy KPI’s for Primary care that prioritise support for newly formed Primary Care Networks (PCN’s)
  • Offers alignment to the NHSE Primary Care Development Support Prospectus
  • Provides a diversity of offers to match level of individual or network development maturity

NEYLA Primary Care offers events and programmes that:

  • Support the building of connections and networks – strengthening collaborative relationships
  • Provide time and space for participants to enable considered action
  • Facilitate increased self-awareness particularly relating to leadership and or change agent role
  • Support participants to understand and appreciate diversity and strengthen relationships
  • Are grounded in real work through connection of programme content and activity to shared endeavours, improvement projects and work streams etc.
  • Include relevant and accessible content that participants may readily put into practice.