The Mary Seacole Local Programme

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The Mary Seacole Programme is a highly successful and nationally recognised leadership development programme. It is aimed at first time leaders in healthcare, or those aspiring to their first formal leadership role.

The concept of learning how to be a leader when you’re in the thick of your day-to-day responsibilities can seem rather abstract but the Mary Seacole programme is grounded in reality and results in real workplace application.

The programme aims to provide the balance between learning the theory and putting it into practice. It empowers people to turn their success into consistent team and system success and to champion compassionate patient care.

The six month programme includes:

  • 100 hours of online study which includes a virtual campus with interactive content, films, discussion forums and online resources
  • 3 face to face workshops or 6 ½ day virtual workshops with expert facilitators
  • 12 modules covering leadership fundaments, fundamentals of finance, recruitment and selection, fundamentals of HR, appraisal and annual review.
  • A single written assignment at the end of the programme, asking participants to reflect on their leadership impact.

The North East and Yorkshire Leadership Academy holds a licence to run Mary Seacole locally for colleagues in the North East, North Cumbria and Yorkshire.

As part of this localised programme we have created a community of local facilitators who will deliver the programme building a richer talent pipeline of emergent leaders in the local health and care system.

For information around national Mary Seacole cohorts, please visit