Insight to Action: Workshop A- Thinking in systems and supporting populations(01 Mar 2023)

Workshop A will be facilitated by Karen Bradley and focuses on Thinking in Systems and Supporting Populations. This is a […]

Coaching Skills Lab(09 Mar 2023)

The session will be supervised by two accredited coaching supervisors and will involve: • Using the coach/coachee/observer model – participants […]

Supervision Cafe(10 Mar 2023)

The Global Code of Ethics asks all coaches to hold qualifications to perform and to be engaged with CPD and […]

Trauma Informed Leadership(13 Mar 2023)

Trauma-Informed Leadership understands and appreciates the emotional scars that people may be struggling with. These might be directly related to […]

The Power of Compassion for Inclusion 3: Compassionate Culture(14 Mar 2023)

These three virtual interactive workshops are designed to offer those attending an opportunity to understand and apply simple compassion based […]

Coach to Coach Supervisor: CPD and Supervision for Supervisors(14 Mar 2023)

These two hour workshops are open to NEYLA Coach Supervisors. Each session will include a combination of CPD, each exploring […]

Manager as Coach: Everyday Coaching Conversations(15 Mar 2023)

This interactive workshop is aimed at managers at all levels and roles, and those aspiring to their first management role. […]

Inight Into Action: Workshop B- Improving decision making and critical thinking (Online)(15 Mar 2023)

Workshop B will be facilitated by Fraser Battye, and focuses on Improving Decision Making and Critical Thinking. This is a […]

Mary Seacole Local Information Session(15 Mar 2023)


The Mary Seacole Programme is a highly successful and nationally recognised leadership development programme for first time leaders in health […]

Coaching in a Hybrid Space(22 Mar 2023)

Exploring as a coach how we connect and work well across the virtual, face to face and hybrid space. We […]

Insight Into Action: Workshop C- Leading in systems and enabling collaboration (Online)(29 Mar 2023)

Workshop C will be facilitated by Belinda Weir, and focuses on Leading in Systems and Enabling Collaboration. This is a […]

We Are All Leaders (developing an outward mindset)(29 Mar 2023)

A 1 hour interactive workshop covering: What is Interpersonal resilience and why it is crucial to surviving such difficult times […]