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Looking After You: ABC of Stress


Experiencing stress is a normal human response; we all experience things each day which can cause frustration, anger, disappointment and so on. The body’s stress response is part of our fight/flight response to events or situations, and can be part of a protective mechanism. These do not always come from “bad” experiences; life changes which are potentially also positive (parenthood, moving house, going on holiday etc) can lead to stress.

Stress becomes an issue where there are repeated responses, with no opportunity for recovery. Building awareness about our own triggers, and being able to recognise our responses, can have a lasting impact on our sense of wellbeing.
Join us to create some time to explore
• Recognising stress responses and stressors
• Recognising burnout
• ABC responses
• Self-care and self-compassion

This session is aimed at staff working at any level, who recognise that they would benefit from an opportunity to consider their own stress responses, and to consider aspects of self care.


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