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Insight to Action: Workshop A- Thinking in systems and supporting populations

Workshop A will be facilitated by Karen Bradley and focuses on Thinking in Systems and Supporting Populations. This is a virtual workshop.

The Insight to Action Programme 2023 is delivered by the North East and Yorkshire Leadership Academy, in partnership with The Strategy Unit.

A structured, collaborative and task focused action learning programme with an emphasis on helping a shift towards thinking as a wider system.

This open access programme will help develop the leadership and relational skills required to turn population insights into action and how you can improve your collective decision making for the health and wellbeing of your population.

The objectives for this workshop:

  • Introduction to methods for strategizing and working together
  • Critical uncertainties
  • Integrated Autonomy – how is it that we can be more integrated for our population and autonomous for our organisation at the same time? Where is the tension? And what to do about it?

Book your place here: Workshop A: Thinking in systems and supporting populations (Online) Tickets, Wed 1 Mar 2023 at 10:00 | Eventbrite