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Future System: A NHS which achieves diversity


This session will apply a systems lens to the NHS achieving diversity. The session will build on the theme of Black History Month and take this idea into Black Future Month, where we will invite participants to envisage a future in which diversity was valued and what this means for the organisation.

Dr Luke Roberts has worked for 20 years in the fields of mediation, restorative practice and conflict resolution. He has been a practitioner, trainer and consultant supporting communities and organisations to transform conflict into a healthy process which benefits from creative and empathetic experiences. Dr Luke Roberts is an academic whose MBA focused on organisational innovation, M.Ed focused on whole organisational change and PhD focused on system change and sustaining innovation.


The aim of this session is:

  • To use system thinking to understand how collaboration can visualise alternative system perspectives.

Learning objectives: 

  • Participants are able to identify different types of system behaviour.
  • Participants are able to construct system indicators.
  • Participants are able to collaborate on system change.

Future System: A NHS which achieves diversity

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